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Our Work

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, we have created a large number of systems in a wide array of industries. Some of these systems are publicly accessible while others are used as an integral part of the client's back-office system and, of course, sometimes both. Here is a small selection of some of our clients:

  • U.S. Department of Education - We worked as a subcontractor to the company that managed the Race To The Top funding competitions that were held by the U.S. Department of Education. We wrote the web-based application that was used behind the scenes by reviewers all over the nation used to submit their reviews of the competitor's applications in the program. This application was also responsible for tallying the results and presenting reports of the final results, many of which can be found on the Department's web site, www2.ed.gov/programs/racetothetop.
  • Las Vegas Review Journal - For over 30 years, the Las Vegas Review Journal has held an annual voting campaign to determine the Best of Las Vegas in various categories of food, entertainment, and shopping. In 2013, they moved from paper ballots to electronic voting. Hackware was selected to develop a mobile website, m.bestoflasvegas.com (now defunct), for them as well as iOS and Android native applications for this project. Hackware also created the backend API that the full website uses to record user's votes and also to retrieve the current standings in the voting process.
  • eCapitol.net - eCapitol.net is the premier subscription-based service for legislative information tracking system in the state of Oklahoma. For over 20 years, Hackware has been the behind-the-scenes technical expertise for this success story.
  • Kellogg & Sovereign - Kellogg & Sovereign is a consulting company that provides grant writing and consulting services for school districts. They have become the industry leader in the area of assisting schools to apply for E-RATE discounts on advanced telecommunications and informations services. Hackware has been an integral part of developing the websites used to assist them in performing their work. These sites include: kelloggllc.com, www.erate470.com, and www.rhcprogram.com/.
  • B & B Medical Services - B & B provides durable medical equipment services for the Veterans Administration. Hackware created the intranet software that is central to helping B & B manage and bill for the services that they provide to VA centers across the nation.
  • PMO-In-A-Box - PMO-In-A-Box, www.pmo-in-a-box.net, is a recent venture started up to help organizations to create, fix, and manage their Program/Project Management office. Hackware was responsible for bringing a complex set of manual procedures developed over many years into a web-based portal application.

These are but a select few of our many clients. We hope that this helps to illustrate our abilities and versatility as software developers who can tackle any task placed before them, great or small!